Decentralized exchange for OTC deals.

Use our default trading desk to sell any ERC-20 token or create your own branded OTC trading desk and earn commission by brokering deals between sellers and buyers.

Broker OTC deals and earn a commission

Deploy your own, fully decentralized OTC trading desk, broker deals for buyers and sellers and earn a commission by doing it.

Deal Creation Wizard

Create new OTC deals in minutes

Trustless Escrow

Secured by smart contracts

Fractional Execution

Sell OTC deal to multiple buyers. Set min and max buying amounts.


Ethereum, Polygon, Moonbeam, Aurora, …

Admin features

Approving deals, approving or banning assets, whitelisting or blacklisting wallets


Create multiple OTC Desks in minutes, for easier audience separation

Customizable Fee Structure

Create your own fee structure. Set a transaction fee, finders fee or earn on spread. 

Locks / Vesting

Prevent people from reselling the asset immediately after buying. Perfect for teams selling to VCs.