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Looking for someone to invest in your business? With AMPnet you can run your own crowdinvesting and crowdlending campaigns without spending months or years developing an investment platform.

We'll give you the software, the legal documents and start your campaign. Best of all? We chare a fee only if your campaign is successful.

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Greenpeace is using AMPnet to power their renewable energy investments
Greenpeace has been on the forefront of environmentalist movements since it's inception over fifty years ago.

With the looming threat of climate change - they've once again taken proactive action - allowing citizens to invest into renewable energy sources through their AMPnet powered online crowdinvesting platform.

This initiative, led by Greenpeace Greece - shows how AMPnet can power initiatives which are both profitable and good for the planet.

Check out Genervest by Greenpeace Greece ->
WESPA Spaces is using AMPnet to give their tenants "skin in the game"
WESPA Office and Coworking space is a large, modern coworking and office space powered by the latest and greatest technologies. They have used AMPnet platform to crowdfund the final stages of development and share profits with their tenants.

By giving their tenants "skin in the game" - WESPA Spaces has created a nurturing enviroment where the users of the space have an active role in the development of the space.

Check out WESPA Spaces ->
Small businesses are using AMPnet to raise expansion funds - without going to banks.
Many types of small and medium businesses can use AMPnet to unlock their full potential.

Raising loans from banks can be tricky - often requiring collateral that the buisness doesn't have. Instead, run a financing campaign offering micro-loans or revenue share to your investors.

Digital agencies, bars, restaurants, hotels, mom&pop shops, breweries & wineries, music festivals and many other capital-heavy businesses can unlock new levels of operational liquidity through AMPnet.

Check out article on our blog ->
AMPnet is the easiest way to finance your next project & trade project shares
AMPnet is a web, iOS and Andorid app for running crowdinvesting and crowdlending campaigns. It runs under your own brand (your logo, your domain) and integrates easily into exising websites.

All users of the AMPnet platform get access to AMPnet HUB - a central portal enabling you to co-fund projects, trade project shares and exchange documents.
  • Modern web, iOS & Android apps
  • Invest with EUR (IBAN), Bitcoin, Ethereum & more
  • Investments stored on blockchain
  • Sign contracts online
  • KYC with ID Scanning & Facial recognition
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Share revenue to thousands of investors with one click.
Build an advanced crowdinvesting or crowdlending platform in minutes
Run the platform on your domain, with your logo and your color scheme.
Receive payments via wire transfer or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether and many more
Onboard customers in minutes with ID scanning & facial recongition. Perform KYC/AML checks and create a legally valid digital signature for signing investment contracts.
Use downlodable PDF reports for tax purposes, project analytics and marketing tools
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AMPnet HUB - Supercharge your investments by funding and trading with our global network of investment platforms.
By building your investment platform through AMPnet - you'll get access to AMPnet HUB - enabling you to co-fund projects with other AMPnet powered investment communities and enabling your investors to buy & sell shares of your project with investors from the entire AMPnet ecosystem.
United we stand, divided we fall. Join our vibrant community of people investing in renewable energy, real-estate, company equity and more.
Co-fund projects with other members of AMPnet HUB. Share investors, projects, documents, legal compliance and much more.
Allow your investors to trade their project shares on our central marketplace.
We'll provide you with a multinational investment legal entitiy - within a week.
We'll provide you with a legally compliant entity to power your investment platform - for free. Our platform is based on the Euopean Cooperative Society(SCE) legislation and as such provides a simple to use investment vehicle for all citizens and companies in the EU.
We can provide you with the legal documents to open the SCE on your own, or connect you with our partner law offices which can open it for you in under a week.
Legally compliant in the entire European Union
Support for revenue-share, profit-share and equity tokenization models
Can be opened in any EU member country
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Quick & affordable
Get started in 10 minutes
Hosting on AMPnet Cloud
Start for free
Free updates
Build it yourself
Slow & costly
Months/years of development
High system admin costs
Six figure development cost
Costly updates

Become a part of AMPnet HUB
Trade instantly with other AMPnet members
Co-fund projects with investment communities from all over Europe
Attract traders from AMPnet HUB to invest in your projects.
Build it yourself
You're on your own
No cross-client trading
Fund projects on your own. Find investors on your own.
Seek investors on your own.

We'll take care of compliance - for free.
If you don’t have a legal entity - we’ll help you set up a fully compliant platform with no extra charge. For certain types of projects, we’ll provide you with access to our own established legal entity.
Build it yourself
Combat regulation & pay lawyers
Different countries, different legislations, different legal forms. Starting up renewable energy funding is often a very confusing process with many potential traps.
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