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Powerful tools for
electric cooperatives

AMPnet provides every new or existing electric cooperative with a full set of tools to manage payments, invoicing, , smart metering, demand side management, crowdinvesting and community governance.

AMPnet is an integrated hardware and software suite comprised of web applications, iOS & Android apps, blockchain payments and governance platform and an open source smart meter hardware specification. We provide a simple turnkey solution - reducing onboarding complexity and operating costs.

The AMPnet platform


AMPnet provides hardware
manufacturers with an open source protocol for connecting their electricity meters with the platform.
Connect to an easy-to-use API and join the community instantly! Works with existing hardware.


AMPnet strives to standardize electricity payments and energy source investments. We achieve this by leveraging the decentralized blockchain ledger - providing fast, more transparent payments for energy cooperatives.


AMPnet provides a full set of tools for energy cooperatives to run a crowdinvestment and electricity supply business. This includes customer management, billing, payments, invoicing, demand side management and more.
AMPnet is a one-stop-shop for any cooperative working as an electric utility

AMPnet energy supply tools

Track your electricity expenses and
pay bills by
using our iOS, Android
& Web platforms
Complex energy management
made simple. Connect
multiple devices and
electircity meters in minutes
by scanning QR codes
with your smartphone
Pay for electricity via
smartphone. Win rewards
points for energy
responsible behaviour. Earn money
by selling electricity
Save time on invoicing
user acquisition and
growth tracking by
leveraging the high level
of automation provided
by AMPnet tools
Deploy complex demand side
management schemes in just
a few clicks. Run A/B testing on sales
tarrifs. Tailor your
business model to the
needs of your customers without
developing new infrastructure
Use with existing electricity
meteres. No need to buy new
hardware. Simply adapt in-place
digital meters with AMPnet extensions
and you're good to go!

AMPnet crowdinvesting platform

Powering community energy
Cooperatives bring energy into the hands of the people. Members of cooperatives invest in energy sources which they then use themselves. This creates a sustainable energy community putting environment and the wellbeing of the local community before profit.

Crowdinvesting is historically a tricky task - it requires managing large amounts of investors and compelex legal agreements. AMPnet takes care of crowdinvesting by creating a blockchain platform for trading energy source shares and crowdinvesting.


Earn money when power-plants make money
Discover and invest
into energy sources
with our web and
mobile platforms.


Elect leaders
of coops
Vote on your


Sell your shares
any time
Use shares of power
plants as collateral for
Electric cooperative management
tools and governance models.
Personal & micro power plants
(solar, wind, gas).
Neighbourhood power sharing
Electric vehicle chargers and full scale
demand side management with
electricity bidding markets for
optimized consumption

Development Stages

AMPnet Mechanism

Social Impact

Returning energy ownership
into the hands of local users.
Encouraging renewable
energy investments
Helping green energy
startups by drastically reducing
upfront utility integration costs



Software developer & blockchain enthusiast

Organizer of the Zagreb Blockchain Development Meetup

Actively promoting blockchain education with lectures at universities and in media


Smart contract & mobile application developer

Exploring integration of ethereum clients on mobile platforms


Top gun pilot instructor, software engineer and startup investitor

Serial founder with multiple successful exits.


Energy expert with 11 years of renewable energy project development and financing experience.

Co-founder of energy cooperative and financing cooperative, initiator of green supply business start-up