Tokenizing real-world assets an order of magnitude faster & cheaper than competing solutions!

Truly decentralized, permissionless & DeFi native tokenization protocol.

APX uses a network of decentralized NPoS validators to poll trusted government APIs in order to verify asset ownership & issue real-world assets as ERC-20 tokens.

Real World Assets → APX Protocol → DeFi Ecosystem

AMPnet APX Protocol

AMPnet is the creator of the APX Protocol • APX allows thousands of fully independent tokenization platforms to use a common protocol for continuous, trustless verification of tokenized assets.

The APX Protocol issues an APX "Trusted Synthetic" — ERC20 token with a transparent audit history, proving its connection with the real world asset it represents.

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APX Protocol Scheme

APX Tokenizer Platform Builder

We wanted to make creating APX Tokenizers as simple as possible. This is why we created the tools enabling anyone to create their own fully-featured tokenizer in minutes!

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AMPnet / APX Roadmap 2021 and Beyond

From MVP to Worldwide Expansion

Q1 / 2021

Tokenizing Assets

  • Launch AMPnet Tokenizer with 5-10 clients
  • Get initial tokenized liquidity
  • Finalize token presale rounds
  • Prepare Marketing & PR for token public sale
  • Start development of the APX network smart contracts
Q2 / 2021

APX Network Launch

  • Launch APX Protocol, migrate existing tokenizers
  • Spin first auditor notes, have an initial Governance Council vote
  • Achieve $100M in Tokenization
  • Run public token sale List on exchanges
  • Integrate with Polkadot through Moonbeam
Q3 & Q4 / 2021

Scaling & Ecosystem

  • Make initial connections with Ecosystem partners (SmartCredit, UTU Trust)
  • Launch APX Exchange
  • First AMPnet Backed Crypto Loan
  • Roadshow/Marketing Campaigns - get hundreds of tokenizers up and running
  • Streamline tokenizer builder and prepare vetted legal templates for primary markets (EU & US)
Beyond 2021

Worldwide Expansion

  • Legal templates and preparations for worldwide jurisdictions
  • AMPnet LLC moving into a supporting role - helping to grow the network through active marketing, legal and PR efforts
  • Creating regional hubs - helping entrepreneurs create tokenizers and onboard to APX network



Mislav Javor


Blockchain developer, co-author of a book “Developers Guide to Ethereum”.

Organizer of “Zagreb Blockchain Developers Meetup”. Author at own blog, and many publications.

Filip Dujmusic


Blockchain engineer, specializing in multi-chain development.

Working in Solidity (Eth), Substrate (Polkadot) and Sophia (Aeternity) blockchain development.

Branimir Ambrekovic

Supervisory Board President

Serial entrepreneur and software developer with 30 years of executive experience in bleeding-edge IT technologies.

Branimir has achieved multiple successful company exits.


Edo Jerkic

KAM (Renewables) & Board

Eugen Druzin


Ivan Kardum


Birgitte Van Haaren

Governance / Board

Matija Pevec

Frontend Lead

Josip Končurat

Backend Developer

Dora Kordi Radmanic

QA / Operations

Vlaho Hrdalo


Marko Zunic



Luka Sucic

Partner Meta Change Capital

Bruno Skvorc

Developer & educator Web3Foundation, Eth, Polkadot

Jason Eisen

Founder & CEO UTU Technologies

Jack Platts

Co-Founder HyperSphere Ventures